mkdir(): File exists Velo City 2010 – Programme Day 4 – Friday 25/6 2010

Programme Day 4 – Friday 25/6 2010

Day 1 – Tuesday 22/6 2010

Day 2 – Wednesday 23/6 2010

Day 3 – Thursday 24/6 2010

* Full excursion programme extends to Saturday 26/6 2010.

About today’s programme

Velo-city Global’s core programme officially ends at 13.00 on Day 4 of the conference. For participants with a tight schedule, it is possible to fly home in the afternoon without having to miss the closing plenary. Those who want to get as much out of their stay as possible can choose from a range of exciting excursions with different destinations and topics. See more below.

Collaboration for the Future

1. NGOs collaborating for the future
Facilitator: Adam Bodor, ECF, Hungary

If you are from an NGO and find that potential collaborations are left stranded because of a lack of funding, this session provides insider information on how to raise money for collaborative projects and partnerships, both when it comes to private foundations and public funds such as EU. Finally, a cycling NGO will share their experiences with successful fundraising.

  • Presentation 1: Randy Neufeld, SRAM Fund, USA
  • Presentation 2: Sven Damman, European Economic and Social Committee, Belgium
  • Presentation 3: Leah Shahum, San Francisco Bike Coalition, USA

2. Researchers collaborating for the future
Facilitator: Nicoline Jacoby, Agora CPH and Sille Østergaard, Denmark

The goal of this session is to provide you with a deeper insight into the interests and resources of other researchers and create connections in a fast and effective way. Experts in the field of cycling often don’t know each other’s projects, and you are most likely missing out on both valuable knowledge as well as fruitful collaborations across institutions. You will be surprised to see how many colleagues have resources and interests that match yours, and how you can contribute to others’ interests and needs in ways you had forgotten. ECF’s new global network Scientists for Cycling will also be officially launched at this session. Come and join!

Presentation of Scientists for Cycling by:
Florinda Boschetti, ECF, Belgium

3. Developing countries collaborating for the future
Facilitator: Roelof Wittink, Interface for Cycling Expertise, Netherlands

This session presents various ways in which you, working with cycling in a developing country, can collaborate, exchange expertise and fund projects. Representatives from three organisations specialised in collaboration projects in developing countries will present how they see the possibilities for collaboration and funding in the future. The audience is encouraged to participate actively in the session.

Presentations by:
Xavier Trevino, ITDP, Mexico
Christian Schlosser, UN Human Settlements Programme, Kenya
Jens Kvorning, The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Denmark

4. Cities collaborating for the future
Facilitator: Kevin Mayne, CTC/ECF, England

Cities for cyclists’ is a newly founded network hosted by the ECF in order to promote collaborations, knowledge sharing and general networking between cities around the world. The framework of the network will be presented, and then participants are invited to meet each other and contribute to the development of the network in order to make it as attractive and rewarding to join as possible for cities all over world. Participants will be asked to leave their contact details behind in order to get the follow-up information from ECF.

Presentation of ‘Cities for cyclists’ by:
Manfred Neun, President of ECF, Germany

Optional Excursions

Participants had the option of selecting an excursion to either Malmö, Ballerup or to the Danish Cycling Federation after the official conference was over. Read the descriptions here

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