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The Perfect Kick-off to World Wide Pedal Power

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The celebration of the first global edition of the Velo-city conference series in Copenhagen in June has proven to be the perfect kick-off for the development of pedal power worldwide. Advocating in favor of the multiple effects of the use of bicycles is gaining massive support in an increasing number of countries and cities where more cycling is seen as a valuable asset.

Cyclists are helping their cities and regions to a better quality of life, more health, a better environment, quicker, cheap and more efficient transport systems. In total: better public investments. After the very successful Velo-city Global Conference in Copenhagen, the bar is set higher than ever before for the next edition. Seville, the next Velo-city host city, has increased its cycling share from 1 to 7 percent in only a few years, in spite of being one of the hottest European cities.

So if Copenhagen can do it, if Seville can do it, EVERYBODY CAN DO IT!!!

Manfred Neun, President, European Cyclists’ Federation

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